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Get closer to aquatic life.

The HECS Dive Skin and The HECS Spear Wetsuit are designed reduce the human electric signal that many marine animals detect.

HECS revolutionary patented concealment technology is built in to the suit to enhance your dive experience.
HECS is flexible, warm and comfortable. US Patent Number 8203129.

Medical specialists use an electro-cardiogram to measure electrical activity from the human body.Many animals can detect and react to electrical signals in the natural environment.

An electrocardiogram (EKG) is a common medical test that checks your heart by measuring the electrical activity. Muscle movement also produces electrical signals: The larger the muscle, the more significant the signal.

Science has shown that sharks and rays use electro reception as a sense. However it appears other species also receive the effects of electro reception. Field testing is showing that HECS technology is beneficial for getting closer to and experiencing more natural encounters with species like crayfish, lobster, eels and a growing number of other fish species.” 

These electroreceptors allow them to sense the faint electrical signals given off by living things.A simple meter can prove you give off an electrical energy field. A device known as a Trifield Natural EM Meter measures the amount of electromagnetic energy you give off. Large-muscle movement accentuates or "spikes" these fields. Using the device, one can also readily see that ordinary material does little to stop this energy, or to stop animals and marine life from detecting you.

Reducing the human electrical signal

HECS patented technology uses a conductive carbon fiber mesh designed to reduce your electrical energy field. HECS is based on the Faraday Cage principle invented by English scientist Michael Faraday. A Faraday Cage is an enclosure made of a conductive grid that attenuates electrical fields.



HECS Aquatic 5mm Spear Wetsuits are comfortable and flexible.

For sizing use the following guide:


XL/5: weight 83-95kg, height 177-186cm, chest 96-100cm, waist 83-87cm, hip 94-98cm



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