Try on your Mask Correctly - From online purchase

How do I try on my mask I have purchased online?


Thank you for purchasing your mask with Ocean Hunter.  Please note that the most important aspect of your mask is the fit.  Please follow the below instructions BEFORE you use it:
  1. Place the mask on your face – strap forward.
  2. Gently, breathe in through your nose only.
  3. Whilst still breathing in, with your hands try and lift the mask gently off your face. If it is the correct fit the mask should remain secured to your face, with no air releasing around the mask.  Also, make sure there is no pressure on the bridge of your nose (mask framing touching your forehead). 
  4. If you want to take this one step further, you may want to try your mask on in a basin of water or a swimming pool, NOT THE OCEAN. 
  5. If the mask doesn’t fit, please contact us on PH: 09 377 0896 and speak to one of team members at Ocean Hunter to discuss your face shape etc and we can send you an alternative option.
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