How to put on an open cell wetsuit on

Congratulations on your wetsuit purchase if you look into your suit you will notice that your suit is made from a rubber called open cell rubber. The information that follows is about the how to put it on and take it off, care and maintenance
and how to look after it
  wetsuiton 1.jpg  
1 Your suit when dry on the inside will be difficult to put on, you need to make up a slippery mixture using either wet suit lube or a mild body wash with water. If using a body wash mixture you need to get an empty plastic container, squirt some body wash into it and then add water, this will make a soapy mixture. (On a cold day you can use warm water)
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2 Pour the mixture into the pants first, slosh the mixture around and then pour any excess s into the jacket, the soapier the mixture the better.
wetsuiton 3.jpg wetsuiton 4.jpg wetsuiton 5.jpg
3 Slide your leg one at a time into the pants, pull the pant all the way up to the shoulders, and ensure a snug fit.
  wetsuiton 6.jpg  
4 Now the jacket, ensure inside of jacket is lubed up, slide your hands in first making sure you pull the suit up to elbows
  wetsuiton 7.jpg  
5 Hold the suit open at the waist and raise the suit up above your head and push your head and shoulders in, you need to stand straight and bring your shoulders down, your head should slide into the hood.
wetsuiton 8.jpg wetsuiton 9.jpg wetsuiton 10.jpg
6 Pull your jacket over your body and finally pull the beaver tail through your legs and clip
  wetsuiton 11.jpg  
  wetsuiton 12.jpg  
7 Make sure the suit is fitting and all the curves are contoured to your body!
  Removing The Top  

removetop 1.jpg  
1 Leave your hood on and undo the beaver tail clip/s
  removetop 2.jpg  
2 Fold up the bottom of the suit around the waste, pulling it up to your chest.
  removetop 3.jpg   removetop 4.jpg  
3 Place any elbow into the fold as in picture, place your thumb on the same arm and push up on the folded part of the suit. You will be pushing on the outside of the suit.

Place your other hand on the opposite side and using your inside of the thumb lift up at the same time, this motion will lift or pop the suit up to your shoulders. Pull your arms out one at a time.
  removetop 5.jpg   removetop 6.jpg  
4 Use your thumbs to peal the suit of your chin, your jacket should be now be removed
  Removing The Pants  
removepants step1.jpg removepants step2.jpg removepants step3.jpg
Slide your shoulder straps down to your waste, and then gradually work your pants down to your ankles. Use your thumbs to peal the pants of your ankles.
  removepants step4.jpg  
  Wetsuit Care  
Wash your suit in fresh water, and dry the rubber side first, turn inside out and finely dry the outer side last. Dry your suit away from direct sunlight.

If your suit gets an odor, soak your suit in a bucket of water with a cap full of disinfectant.

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