Important Spearfishing Tips


To thirds of the earth is covered in water. To experience freediving and spearfishing is a challenge like no other. To become one with the ocean and enjoy what it offers is a fantastic experience. But with any extreme sport there are always guidelines that should be followed.


  • Never freedive or spearfish alone
  • Before diving make a complete dive plan with your dive buddy and estimate sea conditions
  • Always be correctly weighted
  • Never freedive or spearfish without adequate rigging, float lines or flags
  • Never hyperventilate
  • Never dive when tired or cold
  • Always be well hydrated and have eaten food.
  • Know yourself and your limits
  • Never freedive or spearfish after a scuba dive
  • Don’t carry fish on your body
  • If possible always dive with a buddy 
  • Only dive in conditions where you feel comfortable and can be self reliant
  • Always rinse your gear and look for wear and tear
  • Check local conservation rules
  • Do not consume alcohol before freediving or spearfishing
  • Don’t dive when suffering from a cold
  • Always seek local knowledge when diving somewhere new
  • Never load a speargun out of the water
  • Never point a speargun at any one

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