Trevally - Hunting Tips


Most weed line species are hard to find but tarakihi are a very curious fish so a good burley will bring them in. If there are a lot of porae or other fish hanging around it is probably a good spot. When diving on the weed line, lay flat on the sand and use your hand to flick sand up - this will usually attract and bring the fish into range. Try not to make large or sudden movements or you will spook them. Keep your eyes looking down and look out the top of your mask lens as this will hide your eyes so the fish cannot see them. You can also cover your eyes with your hands and look between your fingers to see the approaching fish. It may seem trivial but these small adjustments can be the difference between scoring a good size tarakihi or not.



Weed line diving is done on the edge of the reef – where there is usually a steep drop-off to the sand/ocean floor.Numerous fish such as John Dory, boarfish, tarahiki, snapper, koheru and kingfish can be encountered on weed lines around these areas. Weed line diving usually involves deeper diving of 15-25m.
 New spearo’s should educate themselves on the risk of blackouts and always make sure to dive with a buddy, using the ‘one-up, one-down’ rule. Hunting weed lines involves diving down to the sand and lying calm and still, although throwing sand about on the bottom can attract some fish species. Fish can be spotted from the surface, and pelagics like kingfish will often buzz you while diving the weed line. Most fish are killed by their own curiosity. This kind of diving involves a lot of up and down diving so it’s important to allow proper recovery times between dives.

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