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Fin Sizing

This sizing chart makes an allowance for the wearing of 3mm neoprene booties.
The thickness of booties you intend to wear should be considered when making a selection.
European Size New Zealand Size
40 / 42 5 - 7
42 / 44 7 - 9
44 / 46 9 - 11
46 / 48 11 - 13


Glove Sizing

Measure your hand with a tape measure around the knuckles of your hand
(indicated by the red line in the illustration on your right).
  Amara Kevlar
Up to mm mm
X Small 90 75
Small 95 85
Medium 100 90
Large 110 100
X-Large 120 110
XX-Large 130 120

Wetsuit Sizes

Please determine your wetsuit size from the chart. If your dimensions don’t match the chart your weight will over ride your height measurements. ie: Tall and thin or short and wide.
The soft stretchy open cell neoprene of our wetsuits will accommodate to your dimensions.

You must also keep in mind the thickness of the wetsuit, if a 3mm suit fits you well and you go to a 7mm you may be a size larger.

Our wetsuits are European Sizing which is standardized so if you wear a size 54 shirt you simply know that you require a size 54 wetsuit.

Here in New Zealand wetsuit sizing varies enormously, depending on where the wetsuits are sourced from.
A size 5 in one brand can be quite different to another and same goes for L or XL.
So we can’t give any comparisons to these sizes.
USA Size INTL Size Weight  (KGS) Height (CM)
X Small 46 45kg - 52kg 150cm - 156cm
Small 48 50kg - 57kg 165cm - 171cm
Medium 50 60kg - 75kg 160cm - 166cm
Medium / Large 52 75kg - 85kg 170cm - 176cm
Large 54 81kg - 93kg 170cm - 185cm
X Large 56 80kg - 95kg 175cm - 181cm
XX Large 58 90kg - 105kg 180cm - 186cm
XXX Large 60 100kg - 115kg 185cm - 191cm
XXXX Large 62 110kg - 120kg 190cm - 196cm
XXXXX Large 64 115kg-125kg 195cm - 200cm

INTL Size Weight  (KGS) Height (CM)
46 45kg - 52kg 150cm - 156cm
48 50kg - 57kg  155cm - 161cm
50 55kg - 65kg 160cm - 166cm
52 60kg - 75kg 165cm - 171cm
54 70kg - 85kg 170cm - 176cm
56 80kg - 95kg 175cm - 181cm
58 90kg - 105kg 180cm - 186cm
60 100kg - 115kg 185cm - 191cm
62 110kg - 120kg 190cm - 196cm
64 115kg-125kg 195cm - 200cm

Wetsuit Fitting

It is important to purchase a wetsuit that fits snuggly against the skin without much stretch.
If the neoprene is over-stretched, it thins out, losing its thermal efficiency and decreases the
suit's wear and compression resistance.

Open cell wetsuits are very forgiving and it is easy to wear a size that is too small.
Because open cell wetsuits are so soft and flexible, a well-fitting suit almost feels slightly large.

Please select carefully to maximize your diving experience and don’t forget that when buying from Legendary you are covered

If you purchase a suit, try it on once without going diving and if you feel it is the incorrect size, you can return for immediate exchange.