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Loyalty Program

This program is designed around giving you the shopper further great deals at your leisure when shopping online.
We also see this as a way to say thanks for supporting our business.

Here’s how it works

Every time you make a purchase online you will get points, the total points from your order will be added up and then applied to your account. Points expire after 90 days so make sure you use them up!

Rewards at Purchase-908

Points = dollars, the more points you have the bigger the discount you will get off your next purchase.
The online shopping cart will total up your points and tell you how many points you have earned.

Total Rewards

To use the points you simply redeem them at checkout, you will be prompted to use them.

Reward Points Use-886

If you have made a previous purchase, you probably will have points sitting in your account.
You can check your account by logging in and checking your points balance.
If you need help doing this, please email us at

Happy Shopping