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Your spearfishing specialist in Northland

Ocean Hunter Whangārei is located at Riverside Drive Marina on the beautiful loop in Whangārei. The store was founded in 2022 by Hugh and Dan from Ocean Hunter Wellington in partnership with Dan's older and more handsome brother Matt.

Between the team, we have a huge wealth of knowledge we would love to share with you. Ocean Hunter Whangārei is your hub for spearfishing and freediving in Northland with great brands and a friendly atmosphere.

Your spearfishing specialist in Northland

Meet the team

Matt is a keen spearo and loves to cook up a feast after a day in the water. Inspired by his travels, he loves to use every part of the fish.

Matt started Ocean Hunter Whangārei in 2022 with Hugh and Dan.

Hugh founded Ocean Hunter Wellington in 2017. He started spearfishing in 2010, and quickly became addicted exploring the coastline around his hometown Wellington, and further afield around the country. Through his travels, found a love for Northland and its amazing diving.

He has a passion for chasing pelagic species in the pacific islands, as well his favourite - Blue Warehou, for which he holds the current NZ and World record.

In 2022 along with Dan and Matt, he set up Ocean Hunter Whangārei.

Dan's passion for diving started from a young age snorkelling with his brothers and dad. Spearfishing since he was a kid, his yearly trips to Northland were always the highlight, particularly chasing kingfish in the warmer, blue water.

He has worked at Ocean Hunter Wellington since it opened in 2017, and has been a co-owner since 2021. Dan co-founded Ocean Hunter Whangārei and is the younger, more charming brother to Matt.



52 Riverside Drive

Riverside, Whangārei, New Zealand



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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5:30pm

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