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Ocean Hunter Auckland

Headquarters of Ocean Hunter NZ

Auckland is the oldest of the Ocean Hunter stores. First opened in the CBD in 2007 and relocated to Albany in 2019, the Auckland store is the headquarters of Ocean Hunter New Zealand. See us at Tawa Drive to browse gear, try on a wetsuit or chat to us about spearfishing and freediving!

Online orders are being sent out from here, and we offer wetsuit repairs, servicing for your dive watch, as well as any gear and speargun maintenance you require.

Education is a big part of our business and very important to us. Ask us anything! We offer breath-hold courses and study resources, so that you can be well prepared to get out there and live your dream!

Headquarters of Ocean Hunter NZ

Meet the team

Mike founded Ocean Hunter in 2007. His extensive experience in spearfishing and freediving, as well as his background in sales and logistcs, provided the foundation Ocean Hunter was built on. Mike is our managing director and course instructor.

"I believe that the sport which we all enjoy should be shared with everyone."

Michael is hooked on spearfishing. He's been fishing his whole life and recently got into spearfishing and freediving as well.

His passion for the sport led him into work with Ocean Hunter. Michael is always happy to chat about anything diving related!

Dan has been with the team since summer 2020, mainly on weekends.

His main gig is studying computer science and psychology at uni.

Ronin has been spearfishing for a couple of years now, and has always loved being around the ocean. He recently started competing in spearfishing and even went to the Nationals!

"You'll never land a beauty if you don't put the rubber on."



Unit 12/2 Tawa Drive, Albany

Auckland 0626, New Zealand



09 377 0896



Mon - Fri: 9am - 5.30pm

Sat & Sun: 9am - 5pm