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In response to fast growing interest in the diverse and specialist sport of freediving – breath hold diving - Auckland has established its first incorporated freediving club.

The Auckland Freediving Club (AFC) has been founded by athletes enthusiastic for this unusual sport to provide safe and effective opportunities for divers to learn and develop their breath hold skills


Become A Memeber

The AFC offers weekly training sessions at the YouthTown pool on Nelson Street. New members take part in induction sessions which cover fundamental safety and rescue training. Pool sessions focus on developing technique, breath hold, and general fitness. Trainers offer guidance and support to help each member develop personal goals.



New members are required to carry out a pool safety training session when they start out, because our approach is that right from the beginning we will be buddying up and members will be expected to take primary responsibility for looking after each other. Once you have completed the safety training sessions training will settle into a pattern of approximately two sessions of dynamics then one static, two sessions dynamic.

At this stage the club training sessions will be held at Youthtown on Nelson Street on Monday evenings 6:30 to 7:30pm, show up early to get changed/stretch/catch up: Parking can usually be had on both sides of Cook Street west of Nelson after 6PM. During the summer we hold depth training sessions in Lake Pupuke on Wednesday nights.

In order to attend the depth training sessions, members must be able to demonstrate competence in safety diving at depth. New members should attend at least one pool training session prior to attending the depth training.

From time to time the club will also hold other sessions, i.e. within the dive well at Glenfield or Henderson or at Panmure/Parnell in the longer pools.


Enrolment Information Pack

Full Year: $120.00
Half Year: $70.00

The ‘year’ begins 1 Sep, the ‘half year’ 1 Sep or 1 Mar. You can pay by bank transfer or cash at the pool.

Training sessions are $5 for paid up club members ($10 club members who have not paid their subs).


What to Bring

Pool Training

Gear for pool training will depend on what you have and what temperature the pool is at (this can vary quite a lot at Youthtown).

For static sessions you will want your full dive suit (excluding booties and gloves) a mask and snorkel (or goggles and nose clip). For dynamic sessions bring togs (or surf suit/triathlon suit/shortie), fins (full foot if you have them) and mask and snorkel (or goggles and nose clip) and a weight belt with 2-4kg.

Bring it all for your first session.

Depth Training

For depth training sessions, you will need a full wet suit with hood (3mm minimum), mask, snorkel, weight belt and fins

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