Trevally - Hunting Tips


The first key to targeting trevally is finding them! Trevally respond very well to burlying and flashers and this is one of the most effective ways to target this species. Sometimes when the trevally don’t respond to burley try diving down on a weed edge, lying still and flicking sand up to bring stragglers in off the sand. But be warned - they are often very cagey.
In summer big bait balls of trevally and kahawai will be seen and jumping in the middle and spearing them from the surface is quite straightforward. Be aware that  large kingfish often lurk beneath.
Trevally and kingfish will work together on pressure points such as pinnacles and headlands  where the current hits the structure.
Whenever possible, try to dispatch the fish by aiming for the head or spine area as they fight like hell and their flesh is quite soft. Position yourself down current on the other side of the pressure point -  a ‘calm spot’ where  you can look onto the fish with ease. Fighting the currents will only lead to exhaustion and a quicker return to the surface.
All in all - a good eating fish that’s a lot of fun to spear and a big one will give you the same thrill as landing a good-sized snapper or kingi.
WARNING: The drawing below shows our trevally quite near the surface while our diver waits patiently facing the current.  Large kingfish often lurk beneath schools of trevally, so if your game plan changes to spear a monster kingi instead, just remember that they are powerful fighting fish so be prepared. Before attempting to hunt these fish, one should always seek advice and ensure that he/she has adequate knowledge and gear. 


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